Friday, October 31, 2008

APE is here! [cross-posted to the Pissed Off Pinups blog]

And in all my earnest preparation and other busy things, I neglected updating my blogs! Shame on me!

I'm here in San Francisco, though, staying in a really cool hostel. Would definitely recommend it to friends.

I'm just working on getting everything ready for tomorrow! I've got three mini prints (4"x6", the farting girl, superhero girl, and the farting unicorn [which I forgot to post the final version of! I'll have to do that when I get home... he is my favorite]) and a mini poster (about 12"x10.5" of the Devil Girl drawing from the Pissed Off Pinups title bar). Plus I have a portfolio of sketches for people to look through, and some fun little business cards that have my info at the bottom and a blank thought bubble at the top that I can draw different little things in... so every card will be different).

It should be a really fun time!

So if you're in San Francisco, head down to the Concourse (620 7th Street) this weekend and check it out! It's only 10 bucks for one day and 15 for both. And there's a lot of other cool people going, like Rachel and Mikey of Poseur Ink, Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie, and Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties, among others. Yay!

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